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Our Purpose

The Fuerst Family

Ann, Ed, Laeghan, Charlie, Emmett, and Remi (and even Chloe!) are committed to creating an inclusive environment where fitness achievements are celebrated by all!

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Ann K. Fuerst, CCFT (L3), Ph.D.

Ann has been involved in the sport of fitness for 10 years. Ann has coached many sports at various levels from rec to college, and has a passion for all things related to performance improvement. 

Ann earned the Level 3 CrossFit certification in 2020, a cert held by less than 2% of CrossFit coaches worldwide. She also has a Ph.D. in training and performance improvement, which she earned in 2011. Her passion and commitment to youth fitness is evidenced in her family's regular routine.

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Ed Fuerst, Head Coach, CFL1

Ed began his CrossFit career in 2011 and achieved his L1 in March of 2012.

Ed played a variety of sports throughout his school years, and enjoys sharing his love of fitness with his family and families throughout SE North Carolina.


Carrie Miskill, CFL1

Hi! My name is Carrie Miskill and I have a lot of love for health and wellness. I’ve been an athlete my whole life and played lacrosse competitively in college. I studied exercise science and became a personal trainer for Under Armor in Baltimore, Maryland after college and absolutely loved it. However, I needed a switch in my life and decided to move to Wilmington! I started working as a manager for a local hemp and CBD company but I really missed training and the community of the gym. I’m so lucky to work with Ann and ECF to ignite my love of fitness again and share it with all of you. If you come to my class I promise there will be lots of energy and fun mixed in with all of the hard work we put out. CrossFit is such a special program and organization and I hope to bring the intensity, fun, and hard work every day for you all. Let’s get after it!

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